Perú Mountains


climbing volcán xinantécatl nevado Toluca (1D)


The Nevado de Toluca is the fourth highest mountain in Mexico with a height of (4,691 m), offers one of the best moderate alpine climbing in Mexico. The complete traverse of the ridge has a (PD - AD- difficult) is an extraordinary alpine style climbing, similar as routes in the Alps. However, the mountain is located to the west of Mexico City, in the opposite site to the other volcanoes; many climbers prefer to go there rather than this beautiful volcano.

Further this impressive volcano has lovely ridges, it offers an impressive panorama for climbing, and its crater contains two large lakes (moon lagoon and sun lagoon). These lakes are extremely cold; however, diving is still practiced by some very brave and honorable divers. There are some great hiking options around these lovely lakes that can attract non-climbers, a perfect option for those who love hiking into the natures.

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