Perú Mountains


Climbing Yanapaccha Mountain (2D/1N)

climbing yanapaccha


Mount yanapaccha belongs to huandoy massif, in Quechua mean yana = black & paccha = cascade, which it would be waterfall in black hill, for the color of the same mountain, this lovely peak is located head of llanganuco valley into cordillera blanca - Yungay province.

Mount Yanapaccha is located in Huandoy massif. To climb this summit required intermediate level climbing experience in snow & ice, it’s advisable to have proper acclimatization process before heading up, there are several steep slopes of ice and snow, from the summit offer great view of several summits as: mount Huascaran, Nevado Chacraraju, Nevado Pisco, Nevado Huandoy, nevado chopicalqui and other summits far away.

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