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Trek Lake 69

We offer an interesting variety of acclimatization day hikes within the Cordillera Blanca range area around Huaraz. Our day hikes and adventure tours are adaptable in grade levels and difficulty according to preferences and requirements of our clients, Our day hike and tours provide personalized service and qualified trekking and climbing guides who will address any questions that you may ask regarding the area and its culture and guiding you to stunning panoramic views of the Andes mountains as you pass through traditional Andean villages. As part of our service we provide you with tasty nutritional lunches, snacks and modern, comfortable personal transport to and from our day hikes.

We are professional and responsible travel adventure company, highly recommends and encourage our clients to complete at least two days of acclimatization day hikes before starting on any trekking or climbing program in the Cordillera Blanca & Cordillera Huayhuash ranges due to the high altitude at which these mountain ranges are located. Acclimatizing to higher altitudes where all of our day hikes, trekking and climbing takes place will differ for each person and you will learn how your body feels and adapts only by direct experience.

Cordillera Blanca – Day Hikes

Trek Lake 69 Cordillera Blanca

Laguna 69’ is an amazing glacier blue lake that is literally hugged by snowy mountain peaks, jagged rocks and trickling waterfalls, it is one of the most impressive scenic day hikes in all of the Cordillera Blanca; It is truly a unique and special place in the Cordillera Blanca.

Trek Lake Churup Cordillera Blanca

Lake Churup is challenging but is fantastic hike to enjoy spectacular panoramic views the Lake is lies bellow of mount churup at 28 km east from Huaraz. From huaraz we will drive to the east toward the mountains on unpaved way until pitec settlement at 3850 m high where is the parking site, from where we start hiking…

Trek Llaca Lake And Ranrapalca Glacier

The Llaca valley and Ranrapalca glacier offers impressive and breath-taking view summits and Andean vegetation.We will drive up to Llaca Valley located northeast of Huaraz about 1:45 hours driving by car; on unpaved way where we will pass by marian and cachipampa Village…

Trek Lake Aguak Cordillera Blanca

This pleasant full day hike close to Huaraz, to walk into the Andean vegetation, the route pass on small and traditional Andean communities, where we will have an opportunity to see local Quechua residents.From huaraz we will take our private transportation.

Trek Laguna Shallap Hiking

Lake shallap is a beautiful high glacier lake at the head of a remote shallap valley in the Cordillera Blanca, but this trek is not too much frequented by tourists because is not very well-known, It’s a long day hike, although is suitable for people who are in shape and well acclimatized.

Trek Scenic View Day Hike To Laguna Willcacocha

Willcacocha is a beautiful lake located in the Cordillera Negra southwest of Huaraz highlight hike by the view of the Cordillera Blanca that you get from the top, It is appropriate for day acclimatization before attempting your second and more..